Presenting the January Brunchers Crew!

Bloggers, you have been waiting patiently while dreaming of  Beef Carpaccio with Arugula, Parmesan and Garlic Aioli, and Eggs Benedict with Canadian Bacon and Chive Hollandaise. But now the time has come…Are you one of the chosen few…are you a January Boston Bruncher who gets to try out the amazing City Brunch at The Langham Boston, and then report back, whether in blog post, photo gallery, poem or song?

Well, I am happy to announce that the lucky bloggers who will be joining us on January 23rd at 11:30 a.m. are….

  • Sarah of – “I’m jonesing for the Butternut Squashes Agnolotti, Amoretti and Sage, the Curried Misty Knoll Chicken and Golden Raisin Salad and Toasted Almond Salad, the House Smoked Maple Cured Atlantic Salmon, the Jonah Crab “Cake” and Ruby Grapefruit, the Chatham Cod Loin with Creamy Sweet Corn and Snipped Chive and to top it all off, a Pecan Sweet Roll. Don’t worry, I won’t wear a muumuu.”
  • Emily of– “The extensive brunch menu offers the perfect blend of sweet and salty dishes to satisfy my indecisive palate. I would probably start with decadent cinnamon sticks and beignets and move to the savory eggs Benedict with chive Hollandaise (I am salivating already!).”
  • Meghan of– “I would love to go to this brunch because it will be well into my marathon training, and brunch after a long run is my absolute favorite part of every week.”
  • Jacki of– “WOW. This is going to be hard seeing as The Langham Boston City Brunch menu has quite literally rendered me speechless.”
  • Lara of – “I love everything about this brunch. I love breakfast food anytime of day. I am a local and seasonal food fanatic. If I could eat nothing but small plates and side dishes I would be satisfied.”
  • Justin of “I’ve been wanting to eat at The Langham for so long. This menu looks amazing… it’s 3 pages long!”
  • Bridgett of– “I love buffets. I love brunch, and I’ve been hearing for years about how this is the BEST brunch in the city. I’m a big advocate of trying as many different foods as I possibly can, and this would be the perfect venue to do such a thing”
  • Melissa of– “I’m a vegetarian, and it’s always good to have a vegetarian at the table!”
  • Megan of– “. I like to take full advantage of brunch and not only try breakfast items but also lunch items, and this brunch provides an amazing array of both. The standouts to me are: the butternut squash agnolotti, beef carpaccio, the Jonah crab cake and ruby grapefruit, and of course eggs Benedict and cheese blintzes!”
  • Athena of“Wow – when I read that the January brunch was going to be at Cafe Fleuri at the Langham – well I let out a loud “Woo Hoo” and fist pumped a few times (no worries, I did this in a confined setting amongst other food bloggers who understand my passion for a great brunch!).”
  • Brian of– “In my opinion, if you are hosting a brunch and you don’t have smoked salmon, it’s not brunch. This may be a result of my Jewish upbringing (actually, I can guarantee that it is), but I don’t think I could go without bagels and smoked salmon on a Sunday morning. I just need that, a cup of coffee… a mimosa wouldn’t be bad… and I’m a happy man.”
  • Katie of– “I’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying a Langham brunch. Ranking high on my list of places to dine, I’ve been admiring your menu, anxious to have a taste of all the culinary genius that you are known for. Just reading your menu makes my mouth water and my stomach growl.”
  • Bianca of– “My hands are sweating, my heart is racing, I’ve been thinking about this for years, I’m dreading it, yet can’t wait for it. What is it? It’s my 30th birthday, and it’s the day before the January brunch…”
  • Michelle of– “I’ve attended the Langham’s chocolate buffet for many years but have never had their savory brunch dishes. With so many local options, it is hard to choose which one intrigues me the most but I have my eye on the late harvest tomato and cucumber panzanella and Vermont quail confit!”
  • Renee of– That’s me!  I cannot wait to Tweet my way through this brunch so everyone reading along at home can drool all over their laptops and live vicariously through a Boston Brunchers event!

A couple of notes to the winners – If you are new to Boston Brunchers, please email your contact info to Renh77 at Gmail dot com. Your prize includes the price of the City Brunch at the Langham Boston. You will be responsible for the purchase of your beverages, and for tipping. If you are unable to attend the brunch, you will forfeit your prize. Please let us know immediately so we can fill your seat with a runner-up.

All winners were chosen by a representative of the Langham Boston, not by Boston Brunchers.

Yay for brunch! See you on January 23rd, and make sure to wear your elastic waistband pants!


12 responses to “Presenting the January Brunchers Crew!

  1. Congrats to all the winners. well deserved! Have an awesome brunch guys!

  2. Hope to make it to next month’s gathering! 🙂

  3. AHHH So exciting! Can’t wait!!!

  4. Looking forward to it! Thanks for the amazing opportunity.

  5. Thank you so much!! I can’t wait!!

  6. Thanks so much!! I’m so excited!

  7. So excited! Thanks so much for givin’ this old lady her thrill of the week!

  8. Thanks! This is going to be fantastic. Can’t wait!

  9. Now that is a lineup! Can’t wait to hear the stories. Congrats all.


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