Brunching at Local 149 — Cooking Whims

Last time I went to brunch I was lucky enough to grab a spot at Local 149, a small, cute, very original restaurant located in Southie (owned by the same people as the Biltmore Bar and Grille…so hello. You think I’d miss this one?)

I never go to South Boston. Actually, I had never been before this brunch. Like several restaurants I go to for these events, I am usually trekking out to them because I live in Newton. But they’re always worth the trip. This one especially. The food was to. die. for. And I mean that in the most literal sense. They fed us so much food that some of us may just as well have been diagnosed with an overdose of food. But hey. If someone declared my death as “overeating from delicious brunch items”, I think I’d be very proud of myself in the afterlife.

View my full recap at Cooking Whims.


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