The Brunchers are Going to Sparkle! Announcement: Blogger Event at The Jewelers Exchange Building in Boston’s Diamond District!!

If you have ever been in a conversation about jewelery or diamonds in the Boston area, you have heard: “Yeah, I know a guy….” Inevitably the story continues into a web of directions and instructions on how to find, and approach the “guy”. Well bloggers, it is our turn to peak under the mystery and experience Boston’s best of sparkly gems, delicate jewels, and luxurious gold.

What: Blogger event at the Jewelers Building
Where: The Jewelers Building, 333 Washington Street, Downtown Crossing, Boston, MA
When: Thursday, July 19th at 6:00pm

Boston’s Diamond District is the stuff of legends. I wasn’t in Boston for more than 3 months before I heard about it for the first time. The tales are always shrouded in mystery and folklore…and somehow make you afraid, and eager, to actually find this legendary area!

At the heart of the stories around this sparkling area of Downtown Crossing is the Jewelers Exchange Building, which weaves together the historical past of the city with the high quality and value today’s shoppers are looking for.

Founded in 1922, the building features more than 125 boutique jewelers and expert craftsmen.  Each store’s personality is on full display in the stores, often staffed by the second or third generation owners.

Shoppers can visit more than 52 retail outlets on eight floors, in search of colored stones, pearls, diamonds, engagement rings, watches, semi-precious and sterling silver jewelry. Want to customize a design? You’ll find some of the best craftsmen as well as watchmakers, pearl stringers and goldsmiths.  Need something repaired?  It can probably be done right on site – and maybe even while you wait.

The Bloggers’ event will offer an insider look at the building and the individual retailers who make up the building.  They are experts not only on the stones but on Jewelry trends – what’s hot for bridal, perfect gifts for every occasion, etc.  The building can be intimidating to those who have never entered the doors of 333 Washington Street—this event will demystify the building!   We will learn:

  • The history of the building and how Downtown Crossing has changed over 90 years
  • Why the building is the heart and soul of Greater Boston jewelry industry
  • Insider stories of people and the items they’ve purchased
  • Where can a consumer shop and how to make the best use of the building.
  •  Why many of the individuals who work in the building are considered artists – and they’ll get a firsthand look at what they do!

Of course there will be snacks and drinks to accompany this one of a kind experience!

How to attend:

  • This event is for all types of Boston area bloggers. Family, event, food, fashion, lifestyle, event and any other type of blogger!
  • 15  lucky bloggers will be selected to attend using
  • You will receive one entry for each of the following that you complete, and leave a separate comment on this post for:
    • Mandatory: Leave a post here telling us what you have heard about the infamous “Diamond District” of Boston
    • Additional Entry: “Like” The Jewelers Building on Facebook
    • Additional Entry: Tweet “How cool would it be to tour the Jewelers Building with @BostonBrunchers!
  • All entries must be received by Friday, July 13th at Noon
  • Winners will be selected using and notified by Sunday, July 15th. Winners must reply to RSVP within 24 hours or their spot may be given away
  • Prize has no cash value
  • If you accept a spot at this event, you are agreeing to either live tweet the event, or blog about the event giving a completely honest, personal and truthful recount of the experience.

19 responses to “The Brunchers are Going to Sparkle! Announcement: Blogger Event at The Jewelers Exchange Building in Boston’s Diamond District!!

  1. Amazingly I haven’t heard of the Diamond District, and I’ve lived here for 12 years! Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to join the event and learn more!

  2. I have heard it is “the” place for custom jewelry! Would love to find out if that is true and to learn more!

  3. I have not heard any particular stories about Boston’s Diamond district…that being said, Boston’s downtown area is one that has really been changing rapidly and in many interesting ways….it would be sooo neat to get to hear about some of its glittery past, first hand:)

  4. I have always wanted a reason to go perusing the upper levels of Downtown Crossing…. I always as a kid, imagined trays of diamonds and jewels just laying around waiting to be made into gorgeous bobbles! Would love to see what it really looks like!

  5. sailingfoodie


  6. sailingfoodie

    and liked on FB!

  7. I knew of the area and building but not much of it. Would be exciting to learn

  8. I liked them on FB!

  9. Shayne M. Shaughnessy

    I am not a blogger but I am part of a long time family jewelry business in the original jewelers building at 387 Washington Street. We are the builiding where the historical jewelery/diamond district all started. Too bad we were not a part of such an event. We’ve been up and running with the same family, friends, and their family and friends 65years now.

  10. That’s one of my favorite buildings! I’m always looking for an excuse to wander the hallways of baubles.

  11. As a recent transplant from CT, I do not know much about the Diamond District, but would love to discover all of the sparkly fun it has to offer!

  12. I got engaged very quickly after I moved to Boston (on the Common, in fact). My fiancee and I decided to shop for a ring and heard tale of this mythical “jewelry district”. We had no idea where it was – imagine our surprise when we discovered it was right around the corner from our offices!

  13. The way you described this place at the Zumba event made me very excited to check it out. Sounds like an unique and fun event!

  14. This sounds amazing! I haven’t heard of the “Jewelry Distract” but I am known for my sparkly accessories! I’d love to check it out and write about it–sounds like a perfect theme for my blog, called: ilovelove. 🙂

  15. I haven’t heard of the diamond district! I would love to check it out because I certainly love jewelry!

  16. Tweeted, posted, and liked 🙂

  17. I have lived in Boston for nine years and worked near the Diamond District for many of them. I would love to see what’s behind those doors.

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