October Brunch: Catalyst in Kendall Square

I am very excited to announce our October brunch! From the in-house baked goods to  the lobster grits, this brunch is sure to leave us talking. The brunch in question, Catalyst Restaurant in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

About Catalyst

Catalyst Restaurant is a reflection of Chef/Owner William Kovel’s passion for simple, delicious food delivered with warm service in a comfortable, modern environment. The modern American cuisine begins with exceptional products centered on locally grown organic produce and wild and farm raised food from sustainable practices. With an ever-changing menu, Catalyst celebrates each season by featuring the best ingredients from a wide range of farms and food producers in the region.
Reclaimed barn board, hand-blown glass light fixtures and a two-way fireplace give the large restaurant a comfortable cozy feel. The Chef’s dining area gives diners a glimpse into the behind the scenes of the restaurant while the atrium dining takes full advantage of the sweeping floor to ceiling 30 foot windows. In the Spring, Summer and Fall months the covered and heated outdoor patio offers a beautifully landscaped spot for al fresco dining.

Now for our brunch! 10 fabulous Boston Brunchers will be invited to join us on Sunday, October 14, 2012 at 11am to sample the brunch menu at Catalyst.

How to join Boston Brunchers at Catalyst (and the fine print):

  • Mandatory Entry: Visit Catalyst’s website and come back here to comment what you would most like to try from their brunch menu.
  • The first 5 brunchers to reply will receive a seat at this brunch
  • At 6pm on Wednesday, 10/3/12, 5 entries will be chosen at random to fill the remaining 5 seats at brunch.
  • Brunch will be complimentary to those awarded seats
  • Brunchers are expected to bring cash for tip and any additional beverages.
  • Those attending the brunch are expected to write an honest, thoughtful review of the brunch, making sure to disclose the brunch was provided free of charge to the Boston Brunchers.
  • Prize is not transferable. If you are unable to attend the brunch you will forfeit your prize.

35 responses to “October Brunch: Catalyst in Kendall Square

  1. Panko French Toast! Sounds amazing.

    • Wow you are fast! You have a seat at brunch! I will send the details this evening.

    • Susan Piaggio - O'Keefe

      I like the idea that they make their own ketchup! The three items I’d like most to try are the: 1.) Catalyst Burger (there are so many elements I’d like to see how well each are prepared and how well each item chosen to be included marries with the other ingredients) 2.) Duck Confit Salad with Pistachio Vinaigrette (sounds delish!) and the 3.) Poached Farm Egg, Tournedo of Beef, Lobster Grits, Hollandaise as the lobster grits sound like something I’d not get the chance to try elsewhere.

      Hope to be joining you and the other diners on the 14th. Thanks for this super opportunity.

  2. I want to go!! Mmm, skillet coffee cake. Alas, I most likely could not make the trip that weekend 😦

  3. For a second you had me thinking you would be in town 😦 We miss you!

  4. Right now I would kill for some soft scrambled eggs and spicy onion marmalade. Don’t forget that side of lobster grits! PS. I need a place in Boston to do grits well. I miss them so much!

  5. Panko french toast with with bourbon whipped butter? Sounds amazing.

  6. I’d pick the Panko French Toast

  7. The Duck Confit Salad sounds great!

  8. Ok I can’t let you go to Catalyst without me… goat cheese omelet will be amazing

  9. old time food blogger trying to get back on the scene! hope i get one of the remaining seats! i’d love to try the tournedo of beef & lobster grits!

  10. duck confit salad has me at hello! I’d love to come!

  11. The buttermilk biscuits sound amazing!

  12. Banana bread dulce de leche:)

  13. The duck confit salad looks delicious!!

  14. Duck confit salad and lobster grits

  15. I would like to try the Catalyst Burger, Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Roasted Tomato,
    Brioche Bun, House Made Ketchup. The combination sounds delicious, especially the home made ketchup and the brioch!

  16. Fried egg sandwich with the drippings potato hash!

  17. I would love the fried egg sandwich – it has great twists on a traditional breakfast sandwich. The poached egg and lobster grits also sounds phenomenal!

  18. Chicken Liver Mousse, Pickled Onions, Country Bread, Herb Salad is really calling my name, but just picking one thing is so difficult!! The coffee cake, the frittata sound amazing.

  19. CurvesCarbs&Choreo

    Panko french toast or the poached egg with lobster grits both sound sinful yet amazing! definitely need to get my hands on that banana bread!

  20. I’d pick the catalyst burger! Looks soo yummy. 🙂

  21. Tough choice!!!!!!!!! I think the Poached Farm egg, tournedo of beef and lobster grits sounds the most interesting to me…then again, I could easily go for the Skillet Cinnamon Coffee cake with Hazelnut Crumble…I would definitely need to sit near Renee for this one:) Sharesies:)

  22. Panko French Toast, Real Maple Syrup, Bourbon Whipped Butter

  23. I am all about duck, so obviously I would opt for the Duck Confit Salad, Fried Egg, Mizuna, Persimmon, Pistachio Vinaigrette!

  24. So so much of it!

    Panko french toast… Or buttermilk biscuits… With the scones to start… And a side of lobster grits!?!

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