Boston Brunchers to Brunch at Lone Star Taco Bar

This is personally a VERY exciting announcement for me. Since the week it opened its doors, Lone Star Taco Bar has been on my list of restaurants I never get tired of! From the house-pickled jalapeno, to the made-to-order guacamole and unique tacos, Lone Star nails it with every meal!

So imagine my excitement when Lone Star announced that they now serve brunch until 4pm….EVERY DAY! Instantly I knew this was something the Brunchers needed to investigate!

Lone Star Taco Bar is excited to invite 8 Brunchers to sample their new brunch menu on Thursday, December 13th, at 12:30pm. Brunchers will be presented with several appetizers, and will then be able to order off of the menu.

To win a seat at this brunch, become a fan of Lone Star Taco Bar’s Facebook Page, and like them on Twitter. Next, leave a comment on this post saying you did so, and let me know what you would most like to try from Lone Star’s menu. You must submit your comment by Sunday, 12/7 at 11:59 p.m. Winners will be notified on Monday 12/8.

Disclaimer: All winners will be expected to write an HONEST review of their experience, disclosing that brunch was free of charge, within 2 weeks of attending the brunch. Seats at brunch are not transferable and have no cash value.


4 responses to “Boston Brunchers to Brunch at Lone Star Taco Bar

  1. Done and Done =) I am a big fan of their Baja Fish Taco. But, to be adventurous, I would love to try the breakfast taco!

  2. How can you go wrong with brunch and Mexican all in one! This has been on my “to eat” list since it first opened!

  3. Liked! Huevos Rancheros sound amazing!!

  4. Liked and followed on twitter – I’d love to try their breakfast taco!

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