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Crescent Dragonwagon’s Red Lentil Soup – Confessions of a Chocoholic

Once upon a time, I met a woman named Crescent Dragonwagon.

She told me about Caldo Verde and Marrakesh Melange and a beautiful Rose of Persia Cake.

Sounds like a fairy tale?

Well, my “once upon a time” was just a couple of weeks ago, I did meet Crescent at the North End, and while those recipes all sound too exotic and intimidating, they are not – because they are bound by the versatile, economical, beloved bean.

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Conversation w/ Crescent: An Inspiring Lunch w/ an Amazing Author – Eat.Live.Blog.

What is a Crescent Dragonwagon you ask? Why a Crescent Dragonwagon is the amazing red haired woman at the center of our afternoon at Ducali Pizza & Bar in the North End of Boston! And to tout a name like that you have to be something, right? Right! This Crescent Dragonwagon did not disappoint

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Lunch at Ducali with Crescent Dragonwagon-whatemilycooks

I recently joined a small group of Boston Bruncher bloggers to have lunch and conversation with the noted and published author Crescent Dragonwagon.  The setting was Ducali, a casual Italian restaurant in the North End. Crescent’s publisher, Workman, graciously sent each blogger a copy of her latest cookbook, Bean by Bean. View my full recap here 

Lunch & Chat: Ducali with Crescent Dragonwagon– A Girl & Her Mutt

Last Sunday I had an awesome opportunity to stuff myself silly with pizza at North End eatery Ducali Pizzeria & Bar while chatting with Crescent Dragonwagon, a James Beard award winning author, and several other Boston Bloggers.

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EatingPlaces Reviews ‘Bean By Bean: A Cookbook’ – EatingPlaces

Cookbook author Crescent Dragonwagon has written seven cookbooks, teaches writing, and lives in a late-1700s farmhouse in Vermont. Her most recent cookbook is Bean by Bean. I received a copy of the just-released book and thought I’d review it prior to our Boston Brunchers gathering.

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Lunch with Crescent Drangonwagon at Ducali – FreeFoodBoston

Last weekend I had the privilege of dining at Ducali in the North End along with some fellow bloggers and cookbook author Crescent Dragonwagon. I was particularly excited to meet Crescent, who I have been a fan of for years. I received one of her earlier books, Passionate Vegetarian, from my mom about ten years ago. During lunch, Crescent answered all sorts of questions about beans, her favorite recipes, the writing process and more. She is an excellent storyteller with a warm personality. View my full recap here.